Packaged Substation

Technical Details

  • Rated Voltage: 12kV & 24 kV


  • Self contained package substation
  • All the equipment packed in a separate compartment
  • All compartments are individually accessible
  • Individual Door Operated lamp for illumination purpose

C-sec package substations are available upto 24KV. The fully equipped package substation (PSS),comprises of outdoor duty enclosure, medium voltage switchgear,distribution transformer, low voltage panel & AFPCR panel (optional) is a state of art equipment for all your power distribution requirements.The factory assembled self contained package substation is a complete weather proof solution.It only requires to connect incoming and outgoing cables and hence the site work involved is an absolute minimum

Enclosure outdoor

Enclosure outdoor body is made of Galvanised sheet steel in corrugated type design for proper heat dissipation.The enclosure is painted with epoxy based powder paint (colour-RAL 7032) suitable for outdoor installations.The compartments are provided with separate doors and pad locking arrangements.Each compartment is fitted with door operated lamp for illumination purpose.For safety purpose,the transformer compartment doors are fitted with arc reflectors.

Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear

The Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear compartment is equipped with C&S make SF6 insulated Ring Main Unit.The GC is equipped with SF6 insulated sealed tank, Switch disconnectors and Vacuum circuit breakers.The ring main unit is designed and tested for internal Arc as per IEC 62271-200.The product conforms to IEC62271-1, IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-103 and IEC 622271-200.

Distribution transformer

The distribution transformer is equipped with professionally designed ventilation openings for air flow to keep transformer cool.The
compartment is provided with a pressure relief system integrated in the ceiling.An optional floor mesh is also provided to restrict the entry of small animals and other foreign objects.The compartment can accommodate both Oil immersed and Dry type transformers.The product conforms to IEC 2026 and IS 11171.

  • Complete weather Proof solution
  • Ready to position solution
  • Four lifting eyes for ease of lifting
  • Minimum site work