The packaged substation is a combination of the Transformer and the Medium Voltage & Low Voltage switchgear. A packaged substation is designed to ensure operating personnel safety and high operation reliability, covering a wide range of applications for building, infrastructure, and industry. Some of the benefits of packaged substation include:

  • Directly mounted Medium-Voltage Switchgear and Low-Voltage switchgear
  • Designed to be delivered as a single unit
  • Costly cabling isn’t required
  • Has one point of contact
  • Factory assembled self-contained package substation only requires to connect incoming and outgoing cables

The fully equipped package substation (PSS) comprises of outdoor duty enclosure, medium voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low voltage panel & AFPCR panel (optional) is a state of art equipment for all your power distribution requirements.

Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear

The Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear compartment is equipped with SF6 insulated Ring Main Unit / VCB Panels. The breaker is equipped with SF6 insulated sealed tank, Switch disconnectors and Vacuum circuit breakers.

Distribution transformer

The distribution transformer dry type/Oil cooled is equipped with professionally designed ventilation openings for air flow to keep transformer cool.

Enclosure outdoor

PSS enclosures are generally made out of sheet steel. Whereas C&S PSS enclosures are made of galvanized sheet steel  in corrugated type of design. Corrugated Metal Enclosure is durable, lasts long and offer complete protection in any weather.

The very purpose of our using Galvanized sheet steel is also to ensure that the same is corrosion resistant since most of the times PSS is installed in outdoor area.

Let’s learn more about the Corrugated Metal Enclosure and its benefits for a better understanding of PSS Enclosure.

What Is Corrugated Metal Enclosure?

Corrugated metal enclosure is a type of metal enclosure with sheets that are corrugated or rippled. This actually makes the enclosure more sturdy and durable.

Similar to the concept of the strength of an enclosure, what makes a corrugated strong, is its wavy shape. Metal enclosures, too, when formed into a corrugated shape, the durability is greatly enhanced by the metal enclosure structure.

What Are The Characteristics Of Corrugated Metal Enclosure?

Enclosures are just plain awesome, but what are the characteristics of corrugated metal enclosures that make them one the best enclosure option for your Package Sub Station? Here are some examples to help you with your decision:

1. Long Lifespan

Corrugated metal enclosure is known to last long. Average quality metal enclosures can last for about 10-15 years. However, because of the corrugated shape of the structure, it is less prone to wearing and corrosion. This makes them lasts for more than 20-25 years on an average.

2. Durable

Since the PSS enclosure by size are quiet big with appx Dimensions in few Meters. It is most important that the enclosure is mechanically stable during its handling as well during installations. The corrugated inner of sheet gives the Enclosure additional strength to support heavy weights, resist shock, impact, dropping and vibrations.

By virtue of providing a unique type of corrugations on the entire surface of the PSS enclosure walls, we not only achieve its mechanical strength but also facilitates better heat dissipation due to larger surface area of the enclosure (54% more than the normal enclosure). This contributes to heightened durability and can withstand bends caused by objects that fall on an enclosure such as pebbles, and branches. Metal enclosure is also non-combustible so they can better withstand a fire.

3. Superior Weather Protection

Corrugated metal sheet enclosure is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. Whether it is hail and snow of the winter season or the extreme heat of the summer, the corrugated metal roof is highly resistant to harsh weather. The protective corrugated enclosure also provides excellent thermal insulation and help to keep moisture away from products. If you live in an area that’s more prone to thunderstorms or hail, you should consider installing this type of Package Sub Stations as they can withstand storms better than other structures.

4. Saves Energy

The rippled shape of the metal sheets makes the corrugated enclosure reflect more light and heat from the sun. This repels heat from getting into the enclosure interior. Since less heat can pass through it, your enclosure is less hot during the summer season. You’ll be able to save energy by reducing heat inside the enclosure or running the installation efficiently.

These properties of the corrugated metal enclosure are sure to give you the protection that your Package Substation required at a longer span of time due to its durability and resistance from extreme weather. The roofing also looks good once installed on your property, so it serves its purpose both in functionality and aesthetics.

5. Safety

It is very much essential that PSS enclosures are suitable for internal Arc tests since it comprises of HT Panels (RMU/VCB) and transformer. Hence this special corrugations on the enclosures helps widely to withstanding the forces against internal arc situations and provide the ultimate safety to installation and operating personal.


When you look at the long run, you will see that the money you spent on C&S PSS with Corrugated metal enclosure is worth the investment. Metal roofing in general only requires small maintenance needs. So if you are looking for a new Package Substation. Or a new replacement, choose a PSS with Corrugated Enclosure.